Grown Ups

If you read my last post, you saw that my hubby is now 30.


If you read it all the way to the end, you’d see that we’re expecting a little one in July.

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(The baby Jordans RP will purchase if our little one is a boy)

These two things would probably lead you to believe that RP and I are feeling a little more adult-like these days. You’d be right.

One thing decidedly un-adult about us, we did not own a dresser.

This suddenly distressed my soon-to-be 30 year old husband last week. His impending decade change and fatherhood made him realize how empty his life has been without drawers for his t-shirts. Those totes in the closet were not going to cut it anymore.

We set out on a week long furniture hunt. My heart was not in it at all, but RP was a man on a mission.

He talked me into visiting a little store in Poolesville, MD to look at two pieces he saw online on Saturday morning, when I should have been prepping for his party. So, I was bribed by the promise of Panera breakfast and we set off to see the set he knew would be ours. To say I was skeptical is putting it lightly.

Wouldn’t you know it, the chest of drawers, dresser and mirror were fantastic. We slapped down our credit card, made delivery plans with the store owner and drove away as proud owners of a dresser.

They arrived today and we’re in love. Meet our chest of drawers. Pretty, huh?


We’re going to switch out the knobs with something in an oil rubbed bronze. I’m obsessed and I blame Sherry.

So… just a few months until I’m 30 and a mom. With a dresser and a chest of drawers, I’m feeling a little more ready!

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2 Responses to Grown Ups

  1. So funny and SO true! I was dresser-less for a while and felt so much more grown-up when I purchased one. (then I sold it and moved to europe – but I guess that’s grown-up too?) you have me beat in the baby department… but maybe one day…

    RP is buying baby Jordan and the Spaniard will be buying baby art history books. Sigh. I’ll be the one buying our kid the sports paraphernalia :)


    • I can’t believe how much more grown-up I feel when I can look into the mirror above my dresser. It really is the little things!
      I fully support baby art history books! But… you’ll have to throw in some college football gear in too for good measure!


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