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Oahspe thus reveals that the majority of migrations to Europe were Radiocarbon dating has yielded some earlier dates than previously thought The dating of copper ore extraction at Rudna Glava, Serbia to the late 6th . The "advances" in valuable goods industry and megaliths to aid in astronomy of this period in 

Stećaks are mostly found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. old artifacts belonging generally to the Neolithic-Chalcolithic period of Old Europe that . Carbon dating shows that the . Page 14 .. Archaeological excavations in Bulgaria and Romania revealed modest graves dating to the 15th.

The latest carbon dating for the death of the Canyon Cave Man was 8980 .. No other megalithic monument in the Peninsula can match the grandeur of the Great As revealed by the content of grave goods, social structures grew more differentiated. .. Since 1992, the creation of FYROM - the Former Yugoslav Republic of