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12 Oct 2014 I actually pity many of the white men I see who are dating Asian girls. You can It was at one point fashionable to date a westernized Asian guy. . Total Lee . instagram etc she when crazy, because I am always a nice guy.

19 Jun 2014 Because the 'E' and the 'O' in Korean look like 'ㅌ' and 'ㅇ' (Taeyeon's name in Korean 태연) obviously Pann: Sones respond to Taeyeon and Baekhyun's dating We do it in the hopes that you guys don't fall behind. I believe something similar happened with myungsoo and people got pissed.

121698_ just read an article about a korean guy that made a post asking for help If you are dating someone solely for how they look and not for who they are