Raleigh has been Rocked!

After work on Friday, I loaded up my car and headed south to spend a weekend with my cousin, Meghan.  She and I have been training for the Raleigh Rocks 1/2 marathon together (with her husband Mike).  By together, I mean that we email each other after our long runs each week and discuss our new aches and pains.  Mike usually took to Facebook after his runs to taunt me and tell me how fast he was.

After a typical Northern Virginia drive (you know, 2 hours to go 15 miles on I-95), I made it to Raleigh to meet baby Liam and play with Mikaela and Reaghan.  Oh yeah – and hang out with Mike and Meghan.

Meghan teaches at one of the most beautiful dance studios I’ve seen.  Her regular class assistant was at a dance competition, so I got to step in on Saturday morning!  I have missed being a dance teacher so much and it was so fun to shake my sillies out with a bunch of preschoolers.  They were so cute.  I loved the studio time and it makes me miss teaching so much!

After dance class, Meg and I packed up Liam and headed to a dance competition and to pick up the remaining supplies for the 1/2 and for Reaghan’s third birthday party.  We got caught in a huge rain storm and had to unload the grocery cart and get the baby into the car during the downpour.  We were soaked to the bone!  My shoes are still wet!

We made it home and changed into our jams while Mike made a delicious pasta dinner so we could get some extra carbs.

5am came early and by 6, we were off to RBC Center to run 13.1 miles!  I was feeling good about the race until we pulled into the parking lot.  If Meghan and Mike would have turned the car around, I would have been just as pleased to go home and back to bed.


Raleigh Rocks was a smaller race with around 1200 runners.


Meghan and I ran with her best friend Jen and Jen’s sister-in-law, Steph.


Meg and Mike


And we were off…


As promised, Raleigh rocked…

IMG_2395 IMG_2399IMG_2408 IMG_2406

There were quite a few long quiet stretches and some tough hills at the end of the race.  It was a good thing we had very cute spectators.


When I crossed the finish line, I gained a P.D.R. and a P.R.!  I ran the whole time and finished with no gas in the tank.  It felt great!

I finished a little before Meghan and Jen so I was able to cheer for them as they finished.


We loved receiving our guitar medals and we are already planning our next half (Disney Princess 1/2, anyone?).

For a proper post race meal, we visited Cook Out.  This was my first visit, but NOT my last!  We were were so smelly at this point, we were offending ourselves!


After we refueled and showered, there was a party to prepare.


This little girl is a HUGE “foy foy free” (Toy Story 3) fan and it was her 3rd birthday!  Meg is the mom of the year and makes ah-mazing cakes.  Reaghan’s birthday cake was darling!


After a little time with the rest of the fam, I had to say good-bye and head home.  After five hours in the car, my legs were quite unfriendly.  Thankfully my limp was gone when I woke up this morning.  I loved spending the weekend with Meg and her beautiful family.  Can’t wait for them to visit RP and me in July!

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