Husker Road Trip

When RP and I found out that Nebraska would be playing Penn State this year, we circled the date on our calendar and made plans to road trip up to State College to watch the Huskers play the Nittany Lions.


Once the game time was announced we decided that we’d drive up and back in the same day instead of staying overnight as planned. This meant we got on the road at 5:30am in hopes to get to campus by 10 with plenty of time to visit some of our friend’s tailgates and take our time walking to the stadium.

However, we got stuck in traffic getting into town and by the time we parked, it was time to meet my sorority sisters Amy and Heather and hightail it into the stadium in time for the national anthem.

IMG_5108 IMG_5112

Thankfully we reached our seats just in time to see our team take the field with Penn State and kneel in prayer.


After the scandal broke this week, I wondered what the atmosphere would be like in the stadium. When looking around while the players were praying and during the singing of the Penn State alma mater, there were tears running down the face of many fans clad in blue.

I was impressed by Penn State’s coordinated and strong student section, much like I was in Wisconsin. The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect day for a football game. Penn State fans were incredibly welcoming and we were pleased to find out that the two people sitting next to us were also Husker fans, so we had a little bit of solidarity as the game went on.

IMG_5127 IMG_5128

After the game, we met up with Amy and Heather with plans to get some dinner. Instead of meeting our friend Matt outside as planned, we got a call from him letting us know that the four of us could join him up in the suites. Not to turn down an awesome opportunity, we scrapped dinner plans and grabbed a quick picture before heading up to the suite level.


RP, Amy, Heather, Matt and I had some time to catch up and meet some new Penn State and Nebraska friends. The view was great and we gabbed for a couple of hours.

IMG_5133 IMG_5134

As the sun went down, RP and I knew it was time to get back into the car so that Manny could get outside. Stuck in traffic again on the way of State College set us back a little, but we made it home by midnight. We were beat!

All in all, it was a great trip to State College. We’ll take a Husker win on the road any day.

State College, thanks for your hospitality. We look forward to seeing you again in two years.

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2 Responses to Husker Road Trip

  1. Wow. What an interesting game to attend. I have been following all of the news on this side. So sad. All of it. But so happy you had a wonderful sports filled weekend. As usual:)


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