A ‘tu-tu’ Cute Baby Shower

When I was home for Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to celebrate a sweet little girl that I can’t wait to meet!

This is my sweet friend, Jamie!


That picture was taken a couple years ago when I was the matron of honor at her wedding. She is now pregnant with a little girl, which calls for a celebration! Lindsey and I teamed up to plan the perfect shower for a dancing mama and her little lady (and we like to dress like twins).


Step number one to planning a great shower – have the perfect co-host! I actually haven’t been to many baby showers, so I wasn’t hip to any of the current baby shower trends. Luckily, Lindsey had fantastic ideas and everything went off without a hitch!

I can’t take credit for any of the shower except for the food, I did bake the cupcakes! Everything else was Lindsey!


Because Jamie is a dance teacher and a life long dancer, Lindsey thought it would be perfect to make tutus for the baby. We knew that we had a large guest list, so we’d have plenty of hands. We came up with color combinations for every month of the year and told the guests to group up as we passed out packets.

IMG_5199 IMG_5204

Each packet had multiple colors to be alternated on a piece of ribbon. Lindsey did a quick tutorial for the group (this blog tutorial makes the tutus the same way we did) and the groups got to work.

IMG_5212 IMG_5209 IMG_5210 IMG_5211 IMG_5213 IMG_5221

Here are a few of the finished products:

IMG_5217  IMG_5218IMG_5220 IMG_5222

January: White and white glitter (winter/snow)
February: Red and pink (Valentine’s Day)
March: Greens and white (St. Patrick’s Day)
April: Pastels (Easter)
May: Teal, purple, hot pink and lime green (May Day/spring)
June: Pinks
July: Red, white and blue (Fourth of July)
August: Purples
September: Red, black and white (Nebraska football)
October: Black, orange and purple (Halloween)
November: Orange, yellow, brown (Thanksgiving)
December: Green, red, white and gold glitter (Christmas)

We had a little model for October. Isn’t she darling?


After the tutus were done, we had the group make gift bags for the Lincoln Crisis Pregnancy Center. We made six bags; three for little boys and three for little girls. Each bag had a onesie, two pairs of socks, a hat for the boys, a headband for the girls, a book, a stuffed animal, wipes, a bottle, a blanket, a wash cloth mitt, safety swabs, baby wash, lotion and a teether. Now six moms who maybe didn’t have the same love and support that Jamie does will have a few little gifts for their new babies.


After all of that activity, it was time to eat and open presents!

IMG_5202 IMG_5225

IMG_5230 IMG_5233

Jamie’s baby was showered with so many wonderful gifts. I know that this little lady will be so cherished when she enters the world next week! I’m just so glad that I got to be in town to help celebrate her! I can’t wait to snuggle her when I’m back for Christmas.

The only thing I regret about the shower is that I didn’t get a picture of Jamie, Lindsey and me together. We’ll have to remedy that soon!

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12 Responses to A ‘tu-tu’ Cute Baby Shower

  1. Jamie Tesch says:

    It truly was an amazing shower Roni!! You and Lindsey outdid yourselves with this shower!! Thank you!! Love you!!


  2. Maggie says:

    What fantastic baby shower ideas!!!


  3. Carly D says:

    This is adorable!


  4. Calyn says:

    Beautiful Chaaron – I love how unique this idea is! Jamie is a lucky gal to have you and Lindsay as friends!


  5. Baby showers are so fun! Well, they can be.:) I have almost gagged at one where we played that smell the diaper game. Except instead of being filled with candy bars they were filled with lentils and mushrooms and mustard… gag!!! Seriously. Not ever do that.:)


  6. Robyn says:

    Awesome ideas!! I love making the tu-tus. I have two tu-tus for me that i have made. However, I really want to shout kudos for you and Lindsey on the Lincoln Pregnancy Center idea. You always amaze me with your generosity. Great idea!!


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