Happy Kitten Fun Time

We recently had two new additions to our family.

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness.  These kittens are BIG TIME troublemakers.  We got Archer and Lilly (named after Sterling Mallory Archer and Lilly Pulitzer) from a local rescue group and when they first got home they were a little shy.  That didn’t last long.  These kitties haven’t hesitated to show us who’s really in charge of the house now.

We also get a daily dose of Kitten Deathmatch.

And what would Christmas be without a kitten in a Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree has gone over several times already and each time the responsible kitten gets put in timeout.  Oddly enough, the kittens don’t seem to respond to timeouts.  We are taking the kittens on a road trip to my parents’ house for Christmas.  It should be interesting.  My parents have at least 4 fake trees plus a real one – it’s like Kitten Christmas Funland!

We adopted the kittens from Out of the Woods Animal Rescue – for more information about the organization, check out their website.

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A Midwestern girl living the East Coast life with a little help from her friends!
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